Responsible for Sientific information:

Dr. med. Gunver S. Kienle, Freiburg/Bad Krozingen, Germany
Physician, clinical work in oncology, many years in clinical research and systematic analysis of clinical studies on various therapies; publication of numerous scientific papers and books (e.g. on mistletoe therapy, general themes of clinical research, placebo effect). Works at the Institute for Applied Epistemology and Medical Methodology, Freiburg/Bad Krozingen

Copyright on all texts: Dr. Gunver S. Kienle, Bad Krozingen, [Germany]. Reproduction permitted only with prior written consent of the author and the Gesellschaft Anthroposophischer Ärzte in Deutschland [Society for Anthroposophical Doctors in Germany ], (GAÄD).

Responsible for General Information:

Annette Bopp, Hamburg, Germany
Certified Biologist; Journalist in the fields of medicine and culture since 1983; freelance since 1988 ( Author of the book “Die Mistel – Heilpflanze in der Krebstherapie“ (Rowohlt Verlag, Reinbek, 1999) [Mistletoe – Medicinal Plant in the treatment of Cancer]. Freelance contributor and author for German newspapers and magazines, various publishing companies and the ‘Stiftung Warentest’ [publication for product testing, Germany]. Awarded the second prize for journalism by the Stiftung Deutsche Schlaganfall-Hilfe [German Foundation for Stroke Support] (1995) and the “Goldene Feder“ der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe [A Golden Quill award from the German Society for Gynaecology and Obstetrics ] (2000). 

Copyright on all texts: Annette Bopp, Hamburg. Reproduction permitted only with prior written consent of the author and the GAÄD.

Medical Consultants:

Dr. med. Matthias Girke, Specialist in Internal Medicine, Berlin, [Germany]
Dr. med. Friedwart Husemann, Specialist in Internal Medicine, Munich, [Germany]

Responsible for the development and creation of the mistletoe information pages:

Gesellschaft Anthroposophischer Ärzte in Deutschland (GAÄD), Society of Anthroposophical Doctors in Germany, in cooperation with Medical Section of Goetheanum, Free Academy of Spiritual Science, Dornach/Switzerland.

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